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FACES is a team of young and creative people who have been ingeniously introducing new brands to consumers through the social media for more than 7 years

KFC. Kiss Burger

The Valentine's Day Burger got 5 million views on Instagram* with the help of 4 engaged bloggers


The recognition of the "Meat Farm" brand in the "Pyaterochka" retail store chain increased after the advertising integration with Influencer


Xiaomi was giving away prizes for smartphone purchases. Our blogger shared this on TikTok and gained over 5.5 million views

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We are working in a friendly environment with Influencers from different spheres to take our campaigns to the next level. We know how to create a viral video on TikTok and we understand how to organize a competent horizontal production in any circumstances

Our agency has implemented more than 550 campaigns:

> 50 on YouTube - more than 30 million views;
> 60 on Instagram* - 150 million views; (* Instagram - owned by US company Meta, which has been declared extremist, banned in Russia)
> 300 on TikTok - more than 700 million views;
> 50 on Telegram - over 30 million views;
> 50 on VK - over 20 million views.
> 30 on Likee - over 60 million views;
> 30 on Yandex.Zen - over 20 million views;


Our team's experts have been helping brands to promote their products and services over popular social networks. We were one of the first to start cooperating with Tiktok in Russia. We have more than 2 years of expertise on Twitch and Yandex.Zen.


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FACES is a full-service Influencer Marketing agency

What we can do: the development of creative mechanics, photo and video production for all platforms and formats, analytics of campaigns on the clients' metrics, control of the project at all stages, including content creation and full document management